Musings from the photographer

Documenting Peace Arch

Our family is currently hosting two students from Korea. It's been a wonderful experience as we've shared our culture with them and they've shared theirs with us. Yesterday morning, they taught our preschooler to cook one of their favourite street food dishes - he said it was spicy - and in the evening, we caught our younger son chatting away with one of the students, who was happily replying in Korean. I'm not sure either one understood each other, but it's been an amazing experience nonetheless. One of our favourite parts of hosting international students is exposing them to as much local sightseeing as we can. Peace Arch Park certainly fits the bill. To be able to stand on the border

The Carousel

Over the holidays, we spent a day at the lovely Burnaby Village Museum. The museum is a great place for families, with a historical village from the turn of the century and an antique carousel with enough oomph to get anyone dizzy. I had great fun capturing memories of the boys sharing the day playing in the snow and exploring the village with their grandparents. However, one of the highlights for me was when they went on the carousel. Despite its being an antique, it packs a good punch...and was a great opportunity to play with shutter speeds and camera settings. This is one of my favourite photos from that day.

Christmas Eve sessions

Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday this year, and I was blessed to share it not only with my own family, but with a handful of sweet families who opened their lives to me. The first sessions of the day were at beautiful Stewart Farm. With the recent up-and-down temperatures and the precipitation, parts of the farm surprisingly were a sheet of ice. That being said, as the sun rose on our chilly Christmas Eve morning, the setting was perfect for family photos. A dense early morning fog blanketing the evergreens soon gave way to a crisp winter's day. Here are a few photos from those early morning sessions at Stewart Farm. I had an absolutely wonderful time spending my Christmas Eve surrounded

Enjoying the snow...

Early winter is often considered to be a slower time for photographers. That being said, it's also a wonderful time to explore new goals and work on skills. As 2017 dawns, one of my goals is better mastery of overlays, a type of editing with Photoshop. During one of our snow storms a few weeks ago, our family went for a hike along one of our snowy and icy footpaths. The family patiently let me play with my lenses, and this was one of my favourite pictures to come out of that day. Nana's world revolves around her "boys," and to me, this image very much captures the precious love between grandmother and grandchild.

Newborn session with baby J

Yesterday morning brought a newborn session to start off the school week. Baby J, the first baby born in 2017 at her hospital, and her parents came over for a lovely morning together. I always forgot how little they are in the newborn stage - my toddler was a bruiser even at birth - and this adorable 9-day-old was a gem at between seven and eight pounds. We did a combination of lifestyle and posed shots for J, at her mother's request. At the beginning of the session, J snuggled into both her mom's and dad's arms, eyes wide to check out the world around her. Into the early afternoon, she nodded off, and we were able to grab some wonderful posed shots using some of the clothes loved ones h

Capturing our feathered friends

A weekend of solitude after the holidays, and both boys were actually napping simultaneously in the car. We had gone out to breakfast, and on the way home, were passing an area overrun with bald eagles. In all fairness, we consider ourselves blessed to live in an area where eagles roam freely through the winter. There's nothing like driving in the car and watching an eagle soar overhead, or laying on the living room couch and hearing sweet eagle cries from the pine trees in front of the house... ...but I digress. Seeing so many eagles and knowing that our kids were blissfully taking simultaneous naps, I asked Justin to drive home so that I could grab the camera. As we got back to the pa

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