Musings from the photographer

In the scene (59/365)

Today's prompt was "In the scene." In other words, set the timer on 10 seconds and hop in the picture. Ten whole seconds to get wherever I'm going and get set up. Should be easy, right? Somehow my own kids are always a good test for challenging shots. For the first few shots, I attempted resting the camera on a book on the floor. The toddler repeatedly moved the book. Photos out of focus. For the next few, he pressed various buttons, affecting the viewfinder and camera settings each time. We then tried shots from the table. Slightly better, but by this point, the kid was fussy. In half of the pictures, I had a death grip on him or he was pouting noticeably. We finally tried one mo

Shot from the hip (58/365)

I took yesterday's prompt literally, not knowing exactly what "shot from the hip" would otherwise entail. Holding my camera against my hip, I had great fun trying to centre my lens on the subject and ensure it was in focus. Hip height - what a great way to offer a new perspective on the world!

Windows (57/365)

I was a few days behind on Sunday's prompt, windows. We have a big picture window in our living room that I love using both as a backdrop and a source of light, and was hoping for the right opportunity to capture a special moment. This morning dawned bright and beautiful...and snowy. Yep. Despite the blue skies and sunshine, fluffy flakes of snow were softly falling from a cloud that was somehow hidden from view. My preschooler stared longingly at the flakes, clutching his beloved Olaf as proof that yes, somehow, we live in a snowy land. I am so thankful for memories like these.

Baby J throwback

A Monday morning is the perfect day to go through photo collections. While looking at some maternity photos, I came across this one from my session with baby J's mom. What a sweet memory of when baby J was still tucked comfortably in her mother's belly!

Panning at the carousel (56/365)

Yesterday's prompt was panning. For anyone unfamiliar, it's the act of moving the camera so that a moving object remains in focus while still objects are blurred out. I attempted a bit of panning yesterday, but with it being the last day of our international students' visit, my day was primarily focused getting sweet shots to capture their time with us. A few pictures of the kiddo before he skinned his knee, a few of a random Accord driving city streets - those were my (lame) attempts at panning. Since I adore my picture at the carousel in late 2016, I'm resurrecting that way as my panning prompt for day 56. I took the photo back when I didn't even know what that type of photography was o

Artist's Choice (55/365)

Today's prompt is artist's choice. Trying to keep my photos on the weekly theme of reflections, I could hear the toddler playing in the walk-in closet, which happens to have a mirrored door. I grabbed the camera and tried to be as discreet as I could. There was J, happily munching on a cookie he'd smuggled into the closet for a pre-breakfast snack. Nice try, kiddo!

From above it all (54/365)

Today's prompt was to take pictures from above, with the weekly theme of reflections. Given that J had never had a kitchen sink bath, I thought a warm bath filled with Paw Patrol bubble bath in our silvery sink would do the trick for some awesome reflections. We didn't quite get the reflections, but had a wonderful time playing in a very unique morning bath nonetheless! Three pictures from above...and a baby behind from behind.

Project 365

One of the perks of being a mom is meeting other women entering the same journey of motherhood. Some are ahead of me on the path, some are behind me, and some are well past the journey I'm on. Our paths may all be different, but we all walk a similar journey full of bumps and unexpected twists. Kendal is one of the moms I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years. We met when our children were in the same toddler music class and bonded when we realized we had matching due dates for our second children. Our paths crossed yet again when we discovered we were both moving to a neighbouring town the year after our second children were born. She is a lovely, kind and inspi

A poignant moment

I'm a firm believer that photography enables us to capture moments in time. That the right moment can evoke powerful emotions, that the right photo can capture an emotional moment that happily becomes a part of the mind's eye. It can be about the composition, certainly. The setting also plays a part. For me, however, the job of a photographer is to pull all of the pieces together so that the photo showcases a scene, an emotional canvas for the audience. Sometimes it's about that particular instant, and sometimes it's about the bigger picture as well. This is part of the reason why I like to get to know my clients before the session. The more I understand you, the more I'm able to captu

A special Santa visit

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of capturing a very special Santa visit. Yep, it's February. I suppose in many ways, it would have seemed more appropriate for the calendar if the purpose of my photos had been Cupid and his many hearts and arrows. Instead, my lens was filled with a different kind of red and white while we sat around and listened to Christmas carols. The family who invited me over was a very sweet family who had a specific reason for celebrating Christmas in February. They kept Santa's visit a surprise from sweet 3-year-old M, and both M and her twin baby sisters were happy to welcome Santa for a short visit to their home. I was honoured to be able to spend time wit

Newborn session with Baby L - part II

...continuing from yesterday... A big part of a newborn session is patience. Newborns operate on their own time schedule, and there's no point in altering it. As anyone who has had a newborn can attest, life with a newborn all-too-often revolves around diaper changes, feedings and brief periods of sleep...only to repeat again within the hour. It's no different at a newborn photography session! The feedings and changes that occur during a newborn session invariably mean that extra time is needed - that a good chunk of the time I'm at the session might be with other family members besides the newborn himself. That's when family photography comes in handy, and what happened this past weeken

Newborn session with baby L

Babies don't wait for clear weather to be born. In sun, clouds or snow, the babies will arrive. Baby L patiently waited over a week after his due date to be born, but thankfully arrived just before the snows came in. The snows came in between his birth and the newborn session, making for a special photography day for us. I chuckled greatly driving to their house, navigating the snow-covered back roads of suburbia and testing out my van's off-roading capabilities. It may have been cold outside, but it was warm and cozy in L's house. The little man was sleeping in a cradle when I arrived...and it never ceases to amaze me how teeny these newborn babies really are. Mom and Dad were delightf

The Snow

We live in Canada...but admittedly are blessed to be in a part of Canada where it never gets too cold, where we don't get much snow. In the past four years, we've had a handful of snowstorms that have dumped 1-2", with all of the snow gone within a day or two. Enter this year. December brought a handful of decent snowfalls, with the snow sticking around for stunning pictures. January was fairly snow-less, but February has been another story. Since February 3, we have had one snowstorm after another. It's made for amazing scenery, happy children, and some messy commutes. Sometimes it's all about the memories, especially with children. The snow has given me wonderful opportunities to pla

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