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Now booking - Mommy & Me Mini Sessions!

I have just opened 2017 Mommy & Me Mini Sessions for this April! This Mother's Day, capture the magic and love that defines your life. I'm offering Mommy & Me Mini Sessions on two dates: -April 15, 9 AM - 12 PM : 20-min sessions at a location in South Delta -April 22, 1 PM - 4 PM: 30-min sessions at a local location of your choice Please book now at or visit my website at I look forward to capturing the love and joy that defines your adventures in mommy hood!

Two sweet little boys

It was my honour to capture some fun with these two little guys today. You never know quite what you'll get with toddlers, and these two are just so cute, so much fun, and so expressive! There's truly nothing like capturing toddlerhood, smiles, pouts and all.

Auto Mode (63/365)

Auto mode. That moment you realize there's an unexplained diaper on the floor. And then you see your toddler no longer has one on.

Framed (62/365)

Framed. These little men have been friends for all but a month of their lives. With today's prompt of and the need for baby gates to keep three energetic toddlers both sane and safe, there are multiple ways to interpret today's prompt as it applies to these three little men.

Dust (61/365)

Dust. Hmm...what a prompt. What do you do with a prompt like that? You give two little boys a bag of powdered sugar and watch them have a sugar fight with it. You watch them pour sugar all over themselves and each other. You watch them leave sweet white handprints around the room. And then you dump water over everything, because just a few drops of water on a paper towel just makes everything sticky. This was my favourite prompt yet.

Artist's Choice (60/365)

To me, he's a baby; to him, the world is at his fingertips. He may have only recently celebrated his first birthday, but this is a little man on a mission. Before long, he will be climbing to the top bunk, and soon after that, sharing the bunk with his brother... ...but for now, he is too little to climb upwards. For now, I can cherish his chubby toddler hands for at least one more day.

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