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Babies, Babies Everywhere! (Part I)

I had the pleasure of spending a morning earlier this week with Movies for Mommies Vancouver. For anyone unfamiliar, MFM is an opportunity for moms and little ones to attend movies and showings specifically designed for them. The lights are up, the sound is down and baby/kid noise is to be expected. It's a wonderful program. I joined this week's showing with my trusty camera and backdrops in tow in order to capture some special Mother's Day photos for the moms in attendance. And moms there were! New moms, experienced moms, grandmas, moms of twins, moms of girls, moms of boys...I met a lot of them. In one hour, we somehow got through 11 photograp

A happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is such a gentle holiday. I had a struggle with infertility before the birth of my first son, and a struggle with secondary infertility before our second child rounded out our family. It's still hard for me to believe that I'm the one in the role to be honoured on Mother's Day. At times, it seemed like I never would be a mom. I've been honoured to run Mommy & Me sessions over the past few weeks celebrating motherhood. Some of the sessions were in the rain, some were in sun. Some were in Delta, while others were in Richmond. I have a handful coming up in Vancouver. ...and the recurrent theme in all of theme was the social bond between mother and child. Being a mom is proba

The fish parade

A few weeks back, our son asked us if he could have a fish. Picturing a sweet goldfish in a fish bowl lazily swimming laps, we were happy to acquiesce. It turns out he wanted none other than that most beloved of tropical fish, the blue tang. Also known as a Dory. From Finding Nemo and Finding Dory fame. My husband and I chatted about it, and then chatted some more. It turns out that a reef aquarium is a far cry from the lazy goldfish bowl we were envisioning. For starters, Dory prefers large tanks, ones at least 55 gallons. But it also just so happens that we both love fish, and living in the north, we miss the tropical fish from our days snorkelling and diving down south. And it also

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