Musings from the photographer

Family Session with M & L

M & L were blessed with a sweet little boy last year. In the blink of an eye, he turned 15 months. On the brink of toddlerhood, his parents hired me for a family session as well as a mini portrait session to celebrate their son's growing sense of adventure. What a sweet adventure it was! We had fun playing in the grass, singing songs and twirling around. The little guy was - as most toddlers do - so often off on a mission, so mom, dad and I all chased him through the grass. We danced, we played, we giggled. It was a great evening dancing in the setting sun. From everything I've heard, we generally don't remember our lives at 15 months. However, I'm pretty sure if this little guy could

South of the Border

Most of my photos have been taken in the true north, strong and free. Our beautiful Canada. A good chunk of my personal photos have been taken in our neighbour to the south. Sometimes it just happens that way. Sometimes a good background doesn't know political or geographic boundaries. Sometimes the best settings are around the corner from the house, and sometimes they're across a border. Great pictures aren't limited by boundaries. And neither is my photography. I possess legal work status in both the United States and Canada, and as such, can meet you for your photo session on either side of the 49th parallel. I love capturing moments in the U.S. as much as I love capturing ones in Ca

A Springtime Newborn Session

Last month, I had the pleasure of working with a local family to capture their sweet newborn. The little guy was only 7 days old and happy to sleep through most of our photo session. What a joy he was to capture...full of the sweet cuddles and innocence that only newborns bring to the world. When reviewing photos to post online, I came across the picture below of little man's newborn arm. The little wrinkles are something I vaguely remember from when both of my kids were newborns, but something I always manage to forget otherwise. Why do I do photography? Because, plain and simple, it enables me to rekindle these memories. It is my hope that my work also enables my clients to capture the

Engagement session with N & D

N & D are getting married this summer, and have hired me for their wedding photography. Part of their wedding photography package was a 1-hour engagement session at a local location of their choice. They're quite fond of North Van's Cleveland Dam and asked for the session to be held there. Saturday morning dawned early and...rainy. When I woke up, I wasn't completely optimistic as to how the weather would hold out. By the afternoon, however, rain clouds gave way to overcast skies. On the drive to North Vancouver, the clouds completely disappeared, giving way to our beautiful summertime sun. N & D are an absolutely beautiful couple, both inside and out. As the early evening sun drifted

Playground session w/ A & D

This past week, I had the great fortune to spend an evening playing with A & D, capturing their joy on the playground. It's fascinating watching two little guys in action...the energy levels and lack of fear never ceases to amaze me. Here are some fun teasers from my session with these two sweet little guys.

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