Musings from the photographer

A few wedding teasers

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of mentoring under the amazingly talented Everlasting Films and Photography for wedding photography. If you're in Connecticut and looking for a photographer for your wedding / family / couples, shots, I can't recommend Mindy and Lou highly enough. They are the kindest, most amazing photographers who will ensure that they capture the photography of your dreams. Part of the mentorship was photographing a wedding with them as a second shooter. What a gorgeous event...I will post some teasers from that wedding later this summer. This summer has proven to be quite the summer of the wedding. In addition to that weddi

Cake Smash with C

Miss C joined me for a cake smash session to celebrate her first birthday a few weeks early. What fun! Her mother brought a few different outfits, and we had a great time together celebrating her birthday. Happy first, Miss C! For the full story on this wonderful session, please click here.

N's cake smash

Little N joined me for an airplane-themed portrait session and cake smash to celebrate his first birthday. What a little sweetie...Such a cuddle bug for his mommy, and so thoughtful and cautious with his cake. It was a true delight to work with such an adorable little guy. For the full story on this wonderful session, please click here.

It's all about the cake!

Over the past few weeks, it's been my privilege to welcome N and C to my new studio for their 1-year-old cake smashes. I've found being a photographer for cake smashes is like a hidden journey into the differences that we have as individuals. There's been exactly one constant with the cake smash sessions - that you never know what to expect. For many of these children, it's the first time having something so sweet, so colourful, so....sticky. Instead of being fed it, they're encouraged to use their have fun, to make a mess. For me, it's less about the act of eating the cake than of the firsts they encounter along the way. Of the joy of sticking their hands into the cake, patt

The W family - extended family session in the gardens

Last month, the W family asked me to join them in local gardens for a session capturing their extended family. The grandparents have three adult children, and in the past eighteen months, were blessed with a grandchild from each of their children. Add to it their sweet elementary-aged grandson, and they now have a quartet of huggable and kissable little ones to call their very own. The gardens were the perfect setting for lots of sweet moments playing with babies, running in the flowers and generally having fun family silliness. It made for a lovely Sunday afternoon. Congrats on your three newest arrivals, W family!

Beach session with the D family

I had the pleasure of joining the D family last week for a great session at Centennial Beach. This happy foursome was full of life and the end of the session, we were all covered in sand, salt and dog smooches from a puppy who meandered over to our photo session. We spent as much time splashing in the water as we did wrestling in the sand...and when we threw Nana into the mix, the kids erupted into a tickle fest. Life with kids. As so many of us have learned, it's not necessarily about the sweet, perfectly posed memories. Life with kids is so often loud, messy, and full of salty kisses and skinned knees. This photo shoot was the perfect foray into the beauty of parenthood. Per

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