Musings from the photographer

A favourite photo

Moments like these...make it all worthwhile. Knowing just how opposed to Santa Claus my two-year-old was brings even more poignance to this photo. That he spent the majority of the time roaring (yes, roaring) and pouting at Santa from the next room. That finally, finally, Santa convinced the little guy to give him a high five - turned - fist bump. It really does make it all worthwhile.

An evening at the Christmas market

One of the most challenging aspects of having my own photography studio has been finding time to enjoy photography for my own means. It's hard enough to balance having children with having a job, but having a hobby as well seems to be simply an impossibility! With the Christmas rush fading - my last galleries all went out within 24-48 hours of the session time, hurrah! - I finally have had a moment to breathe. We spent an evening at the Vancouver Christmas Market earlier this week, and I decided to bring along the trusty camera. I can't remember the last time I've had the opportunity to play with the camera in incredibly low-light situations. And what a beautiful evening it was. I couldn

An adorable little newborn

Amidst the Christmas rush, I recently did a newborn session for a mom and dad welcoming their precious firstborn. Little B was such an adorable little one, and her parents truly radiated love. Mom had called me the morning of the session a bit worried that B hadn't slept well during the night, but it very much worked to our favour in having a sleepy little one for our photo session. We had great fun getting pictures of B with each of her parents and the whole family together, as well as some beautiful posed images of the newborn alone. On a personal note, I was really excited to have the opportunity to test out my new lens with this sweetie. It's a 100 MM macro lens - perfect for capturin

Three cake smashes in a row!

Three cake smashes in 24 hours. Talk about a sugar rush. These three little ones - two boys and a girl - stole my heart with their sweet smiles and coy looks. Cake smashes are so much an experiment in social psychology, and these three were no exception. The sweetness of the cake, the being allowed to make a mess with food, the flash and bright lights. There are so many new experiences with a cake smash, and it's always amazing to see how a child processes so many new experiences. I'm pleased to announce that a few of these adorable props have permanently joined my cake smash collection - the awesome fire truck and adorable pink car. These props are available for the portraiture work that

A drizzly family session at Stanley Park

It's that time of year again - the time of year when rain makes everything a little more damp...a little wetter and darker. November was apparently the wettest month we've had in a while, and anyone in Vancouver at that time can definitely agree with that. As I sit here in December typing in the winter sunshine, I still have trouble processing that the sun still exists! With the rain comes challenges for outdoor photography. Some of my sessions went on as normal, some were postponed and others were moved. Last Saturday (okay, technically December...but barely December), an afternoon of mini sessions got moved from Queen Elizabeth Park to one of the picnic pavilions at Stanley Park. And

Another beautiful family

It's one of those mornings when Facebook doesn't want to upload a picture...but it's too precious to not upload. This little boy was absolutely all smiles at our recent session. I asked mom and dad to get close to him, and he helped me out by pulling mom and dad's faces even closer to him. What a sweet little guy and an amazing family. Happy holidays, you four!

The holiday season

It's been a whirlwind month. Finishing up preschool sessions and transitioning to Christmas sessions...quite the craze. And it's been nonstop craze. Since early November, I've had amazing families, children and babies pass before my lens. I've worked with well over 50 - and I suspect possibly closer to 100 - but the exact number? I haven't the faintest. Truth be told, I haven't had a moment free to count them up! I'm so blessed for all of the families with whom I have worked, and can't wait to see how 2017 winds up and 2018 unfolds. As we head into 2018, my new year's resolution is to expand my professional education and better firm up my work / life balance. I will be taking a week o

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