Musings from the photographer

Spring Dreams

Amidst a rainy week of spring break were 19 littles who came into the studio for spring and Easter mini sessions. We had a great time playing with bunnies, ducks, flowers and eggs, and the studio stayed warm and bright despite the rains outside. Love the window backdrop? It was so popular with clients that it will be making a reappearance along with another stunning floral backdrop at my indoor Mommy and Me sessions this year! Please visit for more information and to sign up today. Happy springtime!

An adorable cake smash

In early March, I had the pleasure of working with sweet J and his 1-year-old cake smash. The parents opted to exchange the washbasin portion of the session for family photos, and we generally had a great time capturing wonderful memories. I don't think I've ever had a little one stick their foot into the cake with quite as much gusto as J - please see the second-to-last picture in the post below for photographic evidence. Happy first birthday, Mr. J!

On vacation

Earlier this week, we returned home from a roughly two-week vacation. Three time zones, two long-haul flights, and two energetic little boys as traveling companions always makes for an adventure. But I digress. I purchased my first D-SLR when I was pregnant with my first son, in the hopes of capturing amazing images and amazing memories of life as a family. That was my first goal for my first D-SLR purchase, to be able to capture amazing moments. Six years later, I nearly left my camera at home. Torn between wanting to ensure the safety of my camera and wanting to capture the memories, I wavered on what to do. At the end of the day, I went with it. With my D-SLR safely packed at the bot

Now announcing - my loyalty program!

My 2-year-old may look slightly possessed and crazy in this photo, but these are his love eyes. He's pleased to announce the start of my customer loyalty program. There are three incentives for my amazingly wonderful clients: For any customer who has previously had a family or mini session with me, receive 50% off the full-gallery upgrade price on future sessions...and since you know that my galleries are chock full of amazing photos, this is a great option! Receive first dibs on session bookings. I will post special mini session dates on my listserv (and if I also make one, a private group) for repeat customers. Book multiple sessions at one time, and receive additional discounts and spe

Backdrops and sets

I have a minor addiction to backdrops. <3. Purchase the right one, and it can transport us to other worlds. Backdrops are truly an amazing way to enhance indoor photography sessions. With my addiction comes a fairly (just fairly!) comprehensive collection of drops; my full gallery is available at (names are in the photo comments). All of these drops are available to my clients for in-studio sessions that allow for this personalized touch. Cake smashes, maternity, newborn and mini portrait sessions are some of the photo sessions that my backdrop collection has been designed for. Don't see what you're looking for? Please let

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