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Baby R - Newborn Session

I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful K family - including their 2-week-old addition - last week. Her mom came to me earlier in the summer, with a request for a booking for a late August due date. Like quite a few of my other 2018 summer babies, R arrived a few weeks early and was...yes, another girl! It's definitely been quite the summer for girl babies, and early girl babies at that. R was absolutely perfect, and we had a lovely time capturing amazing memories for them. Welcome to the world, Miss R. You're surrounded by a family full of love and admiration for you.

Unicorn Mini Sessions Part II

Some additional photos of my sweet little unicorn mini friends. Interested in participating in future model calls? Please book a session with me ( and then join my Facebook fan club - the link is off of my site at I often run special model calls and promotions in this group, and would be honoured to have you join me!

Unicorn Minis

When I saw this backdrop created by my favourite backdrop company, I fell in love with it. While I had no actual reason for purchasing it, I had a feeling it would be the perfect choice for any family looking for a bit of sparkle for their milestone / mini portrait / cake smash session. I soon put in an order. As a special treat for my wonderful repeat customers, I put a model call out on my repeat customer / fan club - group accessed through my page at In exchange for a reduced session fee, they would receive all images automatically and also have select photos be used for advertising. The response was overwhelming! I haven't yet finis

The E family - Sunset Session

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of working with the E family. We joked beforehand that given the plethora of children / families with young children on my website, perhaps they should hire a child to join their session. That being said, I enjoy working with families of all shapes and sizes, including those without children. The E family was no exception! In our pre-session discussions, M had mentioned to me that their wedding photos decades earlier were some of the only professional photos they'd had done, and that sadly those photos had disappeared with time. We were determined to make the session a special one for them, not to make up for the missing wedding photos, but to capt

Baby K - Newborn session with canine friend

Baby K joined me in studio for her newborn session earlier this month. Like many of my clients, she came with her big brother in tow...but her big brother was of the four-legged variety! M was a trooper, and happily joined us for a few sweet shots with baby K before heading out to a local park. K was born a few weeks early and was among the smallest babies I've had in the studio. What an adorably precious little girl. She slept through a good chunk of our session, and was an absolute doll. Welcome to the world, baby K.

Baby M - Newborn Session

Earlier this month, baby M joined me in studio for her newborn session. Along with big sister E, mom and dad, we had a great time capturing some lovely moments. They opted to have a session consisting of both family and solo photos, and what struck me was M's love for her parents. Even while sleeping, she broke out into the sweetest of grins...but only when she was safely snuggled in mom and dad's arms. Welcome to the world, sweet baby M.

Business Photos for C

While the bulk of my work is families and children, it's very much a pleasure to work with adults for business-related needs as well. C recently asked me to work with her on some headshots / at-work images for her business purposes. She's an artist, and we wanted to capture very natural moments reflecting her work, dedication and inspiration. We ended up doing a session that combined the barn walls of Harris Barn with the natural beauty of Boundary Bay. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we had a great time in our session. ...and please do check out her work - it's stunning!

The R family - Fun at the park

I have worked with the R family boys a few times now - big brother is so amazing with his baby brother. The mom recently booked me for a session at Ladner Harbour Park, and we had a wonderful time capturing family memories together!

The M family - First birthday bash!

I was recently brought on by the M family to capture the first birthday celebration of Mr. E. The party was on an airplane theme - my favourite! - and I brought one of my favourite plane-related backdrops so that we could have a mini cake smash right in their living room. I last worked with the family when E was just a newborn, and it's amazing how much he's grown. The family's Korean heritage is also very important to them, and a big focus of the party was the Korean doljabi. With a doljabi, the family places a variety of items on a table near the baby's reach. The item the child selects is said to foretell the child's future. In this case, E gravitated quickly towards the book. I thi

The A family - Saturday evening in the park

Last week, the A family joined me at beautiful Deas Island for a family session in the setting sun. Alas, the weather was a bit smokier than we ideally would have liked...which made for some beautiful backdrops nonetheless. As we arrived at the park, we were pleasantly surprised to find it crowded with crew preparing for an evening festival. The pathways were decked out in candles and other signs of festivities - truly a magical evening. I've been working with this family since their little guy was just a baby, and it's been such fun to capture his transition to toddlerhood. He's such a sweet little guy, full of joy and clearly the centre of his parents' world. Thank you for allowing me t

First birthday - sweet Mr. N

Sweet Mr. N joined me in studio a few weeks ago to celebrate his first birthday. We opted to do the session sans cake smash, and had an absolutely delightful time. I've had the pleasure of working with N for a few other sessions this year, and it's been wonderful to watch him grow. N is a sweet little guy, and we played with a variety of props, sets and backdrops to make his first birthday memorable. Towards the end of the session, he started getting a bit sleepy - naturally our session date would be one he would unexpectedly wake up earlier than normal! -but did his best in front of the sweet wilderness background. What a wonderful guy. Happy first birthday, N!

The S family - playful fun at the park

The S family has joined me for multiple sessions this year - Christmas and Mommy & me to name a few. The children are adorably sweet, and I love watching the kids' personalities open up more each session. A few weeks ago, we had a session together at Ladner Harbour Park. It was just before the smoke came in, and proved to be a lovely session full of fun family memories. I look forward to seeing your beautiful family again later this year, S family!

The A family - Beach Session

I first met the A family last year, around the time of their son's first birthday. This year, they requested a beach session complete with the little airplane to capture the memories of their son's second birthday. Happy birthday, little guy! It was wonderful working with all of you again.

Baby E - Newborn family session

As a Ladner / Vancouver family photographer, I very much enjoy every opportunity to work with families of all shapes and sizes - from the newest little ones to our grandparents and great-grandparents. In July, the M family contacted me with a special request. They had recently welcomed a new little girl into the world, but rather than traditional newborn photos from our session, they wanted a family newborn session. They arrived at the studio on an August Thursday morning with their newborn in tow as well as with their energetic, precocious preschooler. What an amazing big sister! We had a wonderful time getting family shots, sibling shots and mom & me / dad & day me images. The nice th

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