Musings from the photographer

The Santa Experience

The Santa Experience Book your session! ...based on the belief that your child's first experiences with Santa should be magical ...not stressful.​ Imagine… absolutely no waiting in line quiet, no-pressure time with Santa the magic in your child’s eyes as she sees Santa sneaking in the room professional, high-quality pictures documenting the entire experience digital downloads of pictures you KNOW you will love! ​ One of my favourite memories of my children is while we were on vacation over Christmas a few years back. My older son was devastated that we would be in a hotel over the holiday - how would Santa find us? How would he know where we were? Little did my son know that we'd arra

Maternity Session with N

Earlier this week, N joined me in studio for a maternity session. She's pregnant with her first and positively glowing. We had a wonderful time trying on a variety of gowns and capturing amazing images. Like many of my clients, N has booked my maternity - newborn package. We had such a great time together, I look forward to working with her little one! #NewWestminsterMaternityPhotography #SurreyMaternityPhotography #RichmondMaternityPhotography #SouthDeltaMaternityPhotography #VancouverMaternityPhotography

Maternity Session with B

Last week, I had the opportunity to capture a beautiful outdoor maternity session for B. Given the cloudy-but-dry forecast, we decided to hold her session at a park near her house. The rain held off, and we had a wonderful time capturing this beautiful mother on her journey towards motherhood. Best wishes with the remainder of your pregnancy, B! I look forward to meeting your little one. #VancouverMaternityPhotography #SurreyMaternityPhotography #NewWestminsterMaternityPhotography #RichmondFamilyPhotography #SouthDeltaMaternityPhotography

The S family - evening family session

As summer gives way to autumn, our days have started becoming shorter quite noticeably. A sunset at 7:15 a few weeks ago is now 6:30...and headed even earlier! But I digress. My session with the S family was one of my last true evening sessions this year. The weather was a bit overcast and cool...but without rain in sight, we had a lovely time. Seriously, have you seen a sweeter party of 5? #SouthDeltaFamilyPhotographer #RichmondFamilyPhotographer #VancouverFamilyPhotographer #LadnerFamilyPhotographer #NorthDeltaFamilyPhotographer

The M family - sunset family session

I worked with the M family for their family photos in 2017 and had a blast running around Terra Nova Park together, so was thrilled to see them on my calendar again this year. We met on a Friday evening in late September, and enjoyed frolicking / exploring / playing in the early autumn setting sun. Thank you for asking me to capture your family photos again this year, M family! It was a wonderful evening, full of such fun and joy! #SouthDeltaFamilyPhotographer #RichmondFamilyPhotographer #VancouverFamilyPhotographer

The S family - extended family in the gardens

In mid-September, I had the pleasure of capturing three generations of the beautiful S family. We met on an overcast Thursday knowing that autumn rain was imminent...and the rain literally held off until 30 minutes after our session had finished. Thank you for joining me for a beautiful session in the gardens, S family! #RichmondFamilyPhotographer #VancouverFamilyPhotographer #SouthDeltaFamilyPhotographer #LadnerFamilyPhotographer

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