The Cake Smash

Toddlerhood is an amazing journey all on its own.  No longer a baby, on the brink of childhood.  Little people with wants and demands - yes, demands! - very distinctly theirs.   The first birthday is an amazing age - little children on the brink of walking, talking and becoming the people they will be.  It's a messy birthday, but one of celebration.   As such, I'm pleased to offer deluxe cake smash sessions that not only showcase a child's first experience with cake, but also capture your newly-minted toddler in very age-appropriate ways.

The cake smash session is designed to honour this transition - to celebrate the child's first birthday with a special session designed perfectly for this age group.  As a unique component of my cake smashes, all full-length cake smash sessions come with four parts:


  1. Family portrait session

  2. Child mini portrait session

  3. Cake smash

  4. Washbasin set


Yes, this means that your cake smash comes with not only the cake smash itself, but also family and child portraits...and my beloved antique washbasin clean-up scene!  Many of my families very much cherish the family photos we capture at these sessions, and it's my honour to include a family session component as a very integral part of your cake smash.


With each cake smash session, we start off with a family portrait session and child portrait session themed to your wishes - and depending on little's cooperation, 1-2 different sets - before moving on to the cake smash.  We'll have great fun getting the cake smash from all types of angles and then finish off with a washbasin session for some bubbly fun.  My antique washbasin uses themed props and superimposed digital bubbles; however, I also have a full guest bathroom -and bathtub!- on hand for families who wish to clean the frosting and cake off of their kids before heading home.

Even with the enticing sugary nature of the cake, I have to admit that these sessions are high-energy.  What does this entail?   It means that in an hour-long session, I'm going to pull out of all of the stops to make the session as interactive, playful and yes, as crazy as possible.  Please don't be surprised if you hear various strange renditions of "Baby Shark" leave my mouth, or that you suddenly see a rubber duck….or two…attempting to sit on my camera and help me press the shutter.  I have a master's degree in education and have taught and coached young children in a variety of capacities.   These sessions take advantage of my background and my own silliness to capture the natural smiles of your little one.


With all of my cake smashes, I have a plethora of toddler-friendly props on hand.  You're welcome to bring any special props / balloons /decorations that you'd like added in, and all cake smash clients also receive a prep guide that goes over details designed to ensure that we maximize the success of our cake-smashing fun.  I am happy to recommend a variety of bakers and cake styles that have worked wonderfully with past clients, to ensure the cake itself is a -pardon the bad joke - smashing success. 

I offer both basic and premium cake smash packages depending on your needs.  Let's make your little one's entry into toddlerhood a magical one.  Contact me today to reserve your space for a fantastic cake smash you'll never forget.

Your cake smash with Kirsten Laufer Photography

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