Back-to-School Portraits

​September will see the start of a new school year.  Everything suggests it may be a bit different from years past, and yet we all still deserve amazing photos of our kids.

Every year, I hold out hope that my son will come home from school with the most amazing school portraits, and every year... I end up doing my own amazing shots of him.  

This year, why not skip the stress?  I'm pleased to offer 5-minute sessions per child in my outdoor Ladner studio.  No stress, and ample time to work with each child and capture amazing images - ones you are proud to share and put up on the wall.  

Back-to-School Portraits

Various August and September dates

This year, I've captured over 1000 local students at 30 local schools for their formal portraits, and these special minis follow the same format I use for my school clients!


Each session is five minutes in length and includes multiple poses, multiple games, and lots of giggles and smiles.  There is no session fee for these amazing sessions, and all digitals, prints, gifts and packages are available for purchase.  


For sibling photos, please book two back-to-back sessions.

Tuesday, August 25 (2:30-4:30 PM)
Wednesday, August 26 (5-7 PM)

Wednesday, September 2 (9-11 AM)

Thursday, September 4 (4-6 PM)
Saturday, September 12 (9:30-11:30 AM)

Saturday, September 12 (2:30-4:30 PM)

These sessions are scheduled to be held in my outdoor Ladner studio in August and September.  If the Covid-19 situation continues to improve, they may be switched to my indoor studio at the same location.  Sessions adhere to social distancing and are contactless with the exception of any props that are used - they are sanitized between clients.

Limited spots available - please visit my scheduling site to secure your space today.  Please visit my sample price list for additional information on the items available for purchase.

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