Christmas Minis, 2020

...and without further adieu, I'm pleased to showcase my sets for Christmas minis, 2020!

It has been a strange year, that's for sure.  Many of you know that in a normal year, we'd been working in my studio with three sets lined up next to each other.  While I suppose I could carry on in that tradition this year, my goal is to keep all of us as safe as possible.  As such, our sessions for 2020 will be in barns!

As always, there are 3 sets we will be using.  Please see below for sample images on the backdrops that will be used in these sets; additional props for each are discussed below.

Locations for photo sessions:

November 14-15:  A cow/donkey barn at a pumpkin farm on Westham Island, Ladner.

November 21-22: A potato farm in East Ladner.

December 5: A cow/donkey barn at a pumpkin farm on Westham Island, Ladner.

Specific addresses will be provided the week before your session.




#1 - Family-sized outdoor scene.

This is a joyful set that is sized to accommodate the whole family.  I have a toboggan that goes with it as well as fake snowballs; this is designed to be a very playful and fun set.  Feel free to bring your winter coats.

(Please ignore the fact that my own son is shirtless in these pictures.  For a child who wears snow boots throughout the summer, this was his idea of dressing appropriately when I asked him to wear winter clothes for the photos!)



























#2 -Family-sized indoor scene.  

If you've been a regular for the past four years, you may remember it from my very first year of Christmas minis; here are a few pictures from that first year.  This set is truly a beloved favourite.  New this year is a gorgeous blue chair that can accommodate a few children or an adult and child(ren); it looks stunning against the blue window.

For this set, I *strongly encourage* families to bring a blanket that they can use to sit on the chair.  While the chair will be Lysoled between clients, the addition of your favourite Christmas blanket will personalize it and ensure we limit touchpoints between clients.


#3 - TBA.

I may use the outside of the barn itself for some unique photos (thinking outside of the box!) or we will use a small outdoor set designed specifically for children.  This is primarily dependent on the weather the day of your session.

If we do use a third set, it will be this one - it's specifically designed for no more than 2-3 children and is both playful and sweet.  This set works well with the same clothes as the outdoor set above.

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 1.12.58 PM.png