Childhood Sessions

Childhood. It's fun, it's messy, it's loud.

Childhood is simultaneously beautiful and exhausting...and passes by way too quickly.

Children are both the inspiration for my work and the centre of my professional world.  I love working with children and get down to their level in every session we do.  Silly props, bad jokes, lots of games and laughter - I'm not opposed to a personalized rendition (or 30) of Baby Shark for a tot, or to playing a myriad of games that we'd long since forgotten as adults.  At the end of the day, I want your kids to leave my session with fun memories of being in front of the camera.  Because really, if you don't have fun with it, what's the point?


Childhood sessions are amazing - both in their energy and in their simplicity.  Held outdoors at a local park / location that works for you, we'll have an hour to get right down to the business of childhood - having fun.  We might climb a tree or go on a scavenger hunt.  Does your child like to explore gardens and search for a rainbow butterfly?  Would you prefer a session on the playground, capturing the enthusiasm that emerges when a child flies down the slide and scampers up ladders?  Some of my littlest friends have enjoyed playing up to the camera and showing off their cartwheels. Childhood sessions are perfect for all of that…they are sessions are, plain and simple, designed to capture the authentic child having fun naturally.

Friends permitted!  Siblings permitted!  Mom and dad permitted for some photos…if my littlest clients approve, that is!

Not sure a childhood session is right for you? All of my clients have the option of three types of sessions that emphasize the child - a family session that includes the children and is generally offered outdoors (weather-permitting),  a childhood session outdoors that focuses on capturing the authentic parts of childhood - games, handstands, maybe a playground or two - or a themed portrait session in-studio that focuses primarily on the child.   My themed child portrait gallery showcases my indoor work.

Your childhood session with Kirsten Laufer Photography

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