COVID-19 and School Sessions

Last Updated Dec 2021

December 2021 Update

I am pleased to announce that I am fully up to date in my vaccinations against Covid-19:

Dose 1 - April 2021 (AstraZeneca)

Dose 2 - June 2021 (Moderna)

Dose 3 - December 2021 (Moderna)  


I am happy to provide proof of status upon request, including my BC vaccine passport.

In a nutshell...

As a mom, an educator and a neighbour, I work closely with my school partners to ensure the health and well-being of my littlest clients during this Covid-19 outbreak.  Even though things seem to improving province-wide, I still wear a N95 mask to all schools and continue to take full Covid-19 precautions.


Please read on for more... 

A Personal Story...

When my older son was in his first year of preschool, he picked up RSV.  This often innocuous bug turned into pneumonia for my tiny three-year-old, and it was presumably exposure in his preschool class that led to it.  Seeing my young child in an ambulance bed and then spending two nights in a paediatric ward was easily one of the worst experiences of my life.  

It's one I wouldn't wish on anyone.  


With this in mind, I take every precaution necessary to ensure the well-being of my clients, my family and myself.  Here are additional steps I'm taking with respect to Covid-19:

General Scheduling 

As of October 2021, I have provided 125 days of services for local preschools and daycares since the pandemic began.  A variety of measures are put into place: I maintain social distancing from the children as much as possible and wear a N95 mask during indoor sessions.  Some schools have requested to move our photography set to a covered outdoor location, and this is certainly an option, weather-permitting.

Illness of Photographer

My family has kept a limited social bubble over the past months, in part to ensure we stay as healthy as possible.  As such, this year thus far has been largely devoid of any illness.  If I am sick with Covid-like symptoms in the days leading up to your session, I will notify your school accordingly.  I am more than willing to reschedule if illness presents itself on my side or yours.* 

I do not take germs lightly and operate with 100% caution for the benefit of my littlest clients.  I received the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in April of 2021 and the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine two months later; I received my Moderna booster in December of 2021.  While not entirely related to Covid-19, my entire family is up-to-date on all other vaccines, including our yearly flu shot.  We take this responsibility incredibly seriously; in past years, I would pay out-of-pocket for the quadrivalent flu shot before it became available publicly.  We have also been limiting our own activities in an effort to keep germs at a distance, including fewer activities for our children and my husband working from home.

At the Session

First and foremost, I work without my own assistants and support staff on-site; in-person, I'm a vaccinated one-woman show.  This hopefully provides some comfort by ensuring that at your session, there will be one photographer - and zero support staff with me - in the school.  I do not bring additional staff with me who would be likely to increase the risk of the spread of illness.


As a general policy, I do not touch the children under any circumstances, irrespective of whether we are also facing Covid-19.  I generally stay at as much of a distance as possible to ensure that their personal space is protected.  I wear N95 masks for all indoor school sessions at all times. 

Please note that these are the steps I take when I am healthy.  If there is any question of illness, we will proceed with the steps outlined in "Illness of Photographer" above.

Student Illness 

If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 or other contagious illnesses in your school prior to our session, please notify me immediately.  I will work with you to reschedule our dates to ones that ensure we are in a much healthier state.  Out of respect to other schools on my calendar, I am unable to offer any services to any schools currently in the middle of an outbreak or a quarantining of staff/students due to school exposures.


I recognize that in many cases, there may be some sick children without there being an outbreak.  Please note that I do not photograph children who are sick according to the policies set forth by local school districts and the province - fever, dry or wet cough, runny/stuffy nose, vomiting, etc.  This is as much for the comfort of the child at hand as it is for the other children and staff who may be present.  I am happy to offer make-up sessions for children who are sick on school photo day.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  First and foremost, I'm a mom as well.  I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Please contact me for further details - 604.330.3933 or

*The one exception is for a lingering throat tickle or cough due to illness presented earlier in the season.  In this case, I am happy to provide proof of a negative Covid test if requested.  Because I take illness seriously, I never take any chances with the well-being of the children with whom I work.  If there is any possibility of Covid exposure and I do not have access to Covid testing, I will 100% address this with my school clients so that we can make schedule adjustments accordingly.

The parents of the children whose photos are contained within have granted me explicit permission to use their photos as sample images.