Daddy & Me Sessions

Dads.  What more is there to say?  They bring so much joy, laughter and fun to the lives of their little ones.  I, for one, consider ourselves blessed that our boys have an absolutely awesome dad.

This Father's Day, celebrate dad with some wonderful mini session photo opportunities.  This year, I'm offering two length sessions to celebrate dads the weekend of June 3.  The June 2 session will be at beautiful Ladner Harbour Park, and June 3 will be at the nautical Brittania Shipyards in Richmond.  Consider a 20-min session to capture dad with his little ones, or a longer session to involve more of the family around him.


There's nothing like a dad.  Let's create some special memories that he'll be happy to cherish this Father's Day.


Friday, June 2

5-8 PM

Ladner Harbour Park

Saturday, June 3

5-8 PM

Brittania Shipyards

(Or by request.)

Ready to book?

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