Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust

Summer Solstice Barbecue

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Photos are posted!

I'm pleased to announce that I'm providing the photography services for the

Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust Summer Solstice Barbecue this year!


Photos are now posted to their secure gallery at  In order to access and download your pictures, please click on this link or on one of the two red buttons on this page.  The password is the 6-letter name of the building where the dinner was held, all lowercase letters.

To download the high-resolution image, please download directly from the large-scale images that appear when you click on each thumbnail.  When your image appears as the large image on the right side of the page, its download button is the rightmost of the buttons to the image's lower right side.  

Have a wonderful summer!

If you experience any difficulties with the download or have any questions,

please email me at

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