DSS Dry Grad 2018

I'm pleased to announce that I'm providing the photography services for the

red carpet walk at the DSS Dry Grad this year!


In order to access and download your pictures, please click on the button below.  You will need to use the password provided on the card you received.  Kindly only download the images of your own family/friends.

To download the high-resolution image, please download directly from the full-screen images, not from the thumbnails on the gallery page.  The download button on the full-screen images is on the lower right side, two buttons to the left of the "Buy" button.  

Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming graduation!

If you experience any difficulties with the download or have any questions, please email me at kirsten@kirstenlauferphotography.com or give me a ring (604-781-6477).

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