Extended Family

Extended family

Your generations, your world

Family.  For so many of us, it's not simply the nuclear family but all of the generations that surround us that help defined the word.  Sometimes it's grandparents, sometimes aunts, uncles and cousins. Perhaps they live across the street...or perhaps they live across Canada.

There's nothing like the love, joy and camaraderie that come with extended family, however we define it.  The connections across generations that extend to our relationships, the connections that enhance how we relate to one another.

One of my favourite types of sessions are extended family sessions.  One hour or two, six relatives or fifteen, the location that holds poignancy for your family.  There's nothing like capturing the various relationships within the family - the grandparents, grandchildren and everyone else who helps give meaning to our definition of family.  This year, consider an extended family session that helps immortalize the love across your family, the connections that make life special.

Please call me at 604-781-6477 to set up your extended family session today.

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